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When Penny and Leonard arrive home from playing miniature golf, Amy and Sheldon have an announcement. They talk about taking their relationship to the next level, and then find out that the announcement is...

They are getting a turtle.

Raj is at his girlfriend's place, and she turns out to have a morbid sense of humor.

Amy and Sheldon go to the pet store to pick out their turtle. Amy finds out that Sheldon applied for a one-way mission to Mars. Amy is upset.

Leonard tells Penny he got her a gift but had been embarrassed to give it to her. He says he got it from the "dirty store." It's a body painting set that they'll use to make art while having sex. But the artwork they end up with reveals they aren't quite as excited as they'd like to be.

Amy and Sheldon come home without a turtle and argue about Sheldon's Mars application. Sheldon tries to cheer her up by playing the Star Trek theme on his nose.

Meanwhile, Raj snoops in his girlfriend's place while she is away and breaks her dresser drawer. Howard tries to help as they talk on the phone, with Bernadette in the background doing taxes.

Sheldon shows Amy his video application for Mars, showing why he wants to go.

Penny and Leonard finally make sex art that they are proud of, and Penny suggests they give it to Sheldon and tell him it was painted by William Shatner.

Amy remains upset that Sheldon would go to Mars without her. He suggests that she go along with him. They talk about what a future would be like together on Mars.


The Big Bang Theory
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The Big Bang Theory Season 8 Episode 17 Quotes

Penny: See, this is why I've been saying we should keep champagne on ice.
Sheldon: Sarcasm?
Amy: Yes.
Sheldon: That was tricky because when it comes to alcohol she generally means business.

Amy: After a careful evaluation of our relationship. We decided that the time was right to take a step forward.
Leonard: Okay.
Sheldon: Do you want to say it?
Amy: Let's say it together!
Sheldon and Amy: We're getting a turtle!