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The guys realize they haven't spent time coming up with new ideas since they started dating. They decide to have a science retreat at home since no other location was acceptable to Sheldon.

Leonard stops by Penny's place to see if she's okay with it and she suggests a Las Vegas trip to Bernadette and Amy. They are excited to get away.

The guys start looking at ideas, but get distracted. They decide to use Back to the Future 2 as inspiration. They watch the movie and argue over whether the time travel works or not. And, the proper tense to describe what Biff did.

Amy wants to see a Barry Manilow cover band, but the other two nix that idea. Penny gets a message from her boss that her examination will be in two days. She stays in the hotel room to study, while Bernadette and Amy go and get drunk in the bar. 

The guys go to the lab where they believe they will be less distracted while they create a hoverboard. They end up distracted by the internet. Sheldon suggests behavior modification to stop them from being distracted, which leads them to watching a video of pigeons and ping-pong.

Leonard says they should have a punishment for going off-topic. That doesn't work either.

Bernadette and Amy come back drunk. They want Penny to go to see Australian strippers with them. Instead of going, she stays to study. Amy offers to help Penny, steals the notes and goes into the walk-in closet thinking she's going to the strip club.

They decide to pull duct tape off their arm as punishment. This leads to a conversation of negative reinforcement vs. positive punishment. And, the misuse of the term negative reinforcement in Ghostbusters. They end up watching the movie back at the apartment with snacks.

The girls go to the strip club and Penny takes her laptop with her.

Bernadette and Amy are hungover in bed when Penny gets up ready to go to the pool. She leaves the drapes open and heads to the pool.

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