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sWhile discussing his work with Penny, Leonard came up with a new idea. He shared his theory with Sheldon and while Leonard slept, Sheldon did the calculations and wrote a paper. At first Leonard was irritated, but then realized Sheldon's paper was good. They decided to publish it on the internet.

A science blog picked up their research and it received mostly positive comments, though one commenter mocked their theory. Sheldon responded and a comment war broke out. Sheldon challenged the anonymous commenter to meet face-to-face. When the commenter reaches out via skype, Sheldon closes his computer.

Eventually, Sheldon and Leonard decide to confront him and skype the commenter back. It's Stephen Hawking! Hawking actually liked their paper, which made Sheldon and Leonard happy.

While the guys deal with their paper, the girls have fun of their own. First, they watch Penny's ape movie until Penny has enough and turns it off. She finds a video of Bernadette's pageant performance and they watch it. Not to leave Amy out, Bernadette reveals that Amy wrote Little House on the Prairie fan-fiction about Amelia and Cooper from the future.

The girls get caught up in the story even though they make a few jokes about it. 

The Big Bang Theory
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The Big Bang Theory Season 8 Episode 14 Quotes

Sheldon: Professor Hawking?
Professor Hawking: Oh, brother, you should see the look on your faces.
Leonard: You really didn't like our paper?
Professor Hawking: I like your paper very much. The premise is intriguing.
Sheldon: Then why are you attacking us?
Professor Hawking: If you were sitting in a chair for 40 years, you'd get bored, too. Anyway, got to go. I promised to help the neighbor kid with his math homework. Ciao.

Leonard: This... is exciting. This is really exciting. I have to go find Sheldon.
Penny: Okay, well, if you find him, use the kitchen island- that coffee table will not support both of you.