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After an outing to the container store, Penny and Leonard break the news to Sheldon that it's time for them to finally start living together.

Sheldon complains about this to Bernadette, who suggests that Stewart move in with him. Stewart says no.

At the comic book store, Stewart tells Howard and Raj that he wants to start having live music, but he doesn't want to pay for it. They consider playing music themselves.

Sheldon has Leonard sign forms to terminate the roommate agreement.

Howard and Raj work on their song about Thor and Indiana Jones.

Sheldon interviews a long list of new roommates. He talks to Amy, hoping she will be a possibility, but of course, she also says no. Sheldon tells her he's concerned that he's been poisoned by emotions.

Sheldon runs into Leonard and Penny, and tells them he's going back to the way things were in 2003 before he knew them.

Sheldon clears out his apartment and tries returning everything to the way it was that year.

Raj plays the song for his girlfriend, but she doesn't like it. Then Raj tells Howard he doesn't like it anymore either.

Sheldon tells Penny and Leonard he's sad that everyone is leaving him. Penny is convinced that they maybe it isn't quite time for Leonard to move in with her yet, and instead they'll take turns sleeping over at each apartment.

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The Big Bang Theory Season 9 Episode 4 Quotes

Blue Icees and a trip to the container store? It's like I died and went to the postmortem neuron induced hallucination commonly mistaken as heaven.


Age is a state of mind, Leonard. In here, I'm 90.