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Sheldon checks the mail to find a letter from his Meemaw, and learns she is planning to come and visit.

He and Leonard pick her up from the airport, and Leonard seems to like her.

Meanwhile, Raj and Howard discuss, at length, the movie 'Frozen,' when a woman overhears. After talking with her for a bit, she asks if she can pick Raj's brain for a screenplay.

Sheldon brings Meemaw home and introduces her to Amy. She's nice until Sheldon leaves the room, then tells Amy the real reason she's there is to size her up.

It doesn't take long for Meemaw to start giving her a hard time, but Amy sticks up for herself. Meemaw also lets it slip that there's an engagement ring.

Raj tells Bernadette about the woman he met, and she says she thinks its harmless. Howard, on the other hand, is concerned that he was flirting. Raj also wonders if he should stay with Emily, and feels like he's questioning his relationship.

Sheldon finally sticks up for Amy to Meemaw, and Meemaw says she won't stand in their way if they decide to get engaged.

Raj gets coffee with the woman he met, and in his mind plans their future together.

The Big Bang Theory
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The Big Bang Theory Season 9 Episode 14 Quotes

Oh, now you call her Constance. I call her Meemaw. You have your own Meemaw. It's not my fault she died when you were four.


Penny: You know, the last time I got a handwritten letter was from someone who told me I parked like a blind person.
Leonard: That someone has a name.
Sheldon: Thank you.