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The guys are having lunch when they talk about their Valentine's plans. Raj

Raj wonders if he should break up with Emily and seeks advice from Penny.

Amy and Sheldon prepare for the first ever live episode of Fun with Flags for Valentine's Day.

Penny and Leonard arrive at the restaurant for their date, but they're told even though they have a reservation that they'll have to wait.

Howard and Bernadette get ready to try out their hot tub but find an animal in it. They think it's a rat at first, but it turns out to be a bunny. They take care of him and decide to name him Valentino.

Penny decides they should leave the restaurant after she tries to flirt but gets called "ma'am." She and Leonard wind up eating fast food in the car, and Penny worries about getting older.

Raj and Kripke both call into Sheldon and Amy's flag episode to talk about their love lives.

Penny and Leonard decide they should go out and do something fun.

Howard worries about having rabies after getting bitten from the rabbit, so Bernadette decides to tell him a big announcement another time.

She's pregnant!

Penny and Leonard, meanwhile, decide that as their "something fun" they'll crash the live recording of Fun With Flags.

The Big Bang Theory
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The Big Bang Theory Season 9 Episode 15 Quotes

You know, once I ordered an Uber by accident. I just got in it and went somewhere.


Penny: That's crazy. We have reservations.
Leonard: I know.
Penny: So what did you say?
Leonard: Thanks, sorry to bother you. But I said it like a badass.