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There were two major developments on The Big C this week:

First, Cathy and Todd went to Canada so the former could undergo bee sting treatment. The alternative doctor that performed it was played by Liam Neeson, but it's unlikely this decision will really change Cathy's fate. Instead, the major storyline to come out of the trip was that Todd proposed to his girlfriend, she said she'd have to think about it - and he ended up kissing Cathy!

She responded by saying he really should choose the girl who will live.

Second, Marlene pulled a gun on Adam as part of her Alzheimer's. She later realized what she had done and apologized, but Paul was understandably afraid of losing both Adam and Cathy. He told Marlene to stay away from his son, an order she obeyed - by shooting herself.

She left Cathy a long suicide note, telling her to basically take advantage of everything life has to offer. Cathy took this advice and concluded the episode by snuggling up to a sleeping Paul on the couch.

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