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Rebecca and Sean break up this week, as the latter makes it clear he doesn't want the former moving to Minnesota. Cathy then gives her former roommate a speech about not basing her life on finding a man... while these two and Marlene enjoy a buffet at a strip club!

During this lunch, Cathy wins a free lap dance, which actually inspires her to seek alternative treatment to her cancer. Hey, if she can overcome odds at the strip joint, why can't she in this battle, as well? Cathy is also inspired to take action as she watches Paul struggle with the news of her illness.

He starts the episode peeved at his wife for keeping it from him, encouraging her to fight as much as she can. He also cuts his hair in solidarity, thinking she is undergoing chemotherapy.

But then he seeks out a co-worker whose husband recently died of cancer, hears how horrible the experience is for all involved and concludes the episode by simply being there for his wife. He moves back in to their home.

Elsewhere, Cathy learns that Marlene has Alzheimer's.

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