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The plot moved ahead more than usual this week, as the episode featured..

- Cathy finding a lump on her backside during sex with the janitor. She schedules a surgery to remove it and asks Marlene to pick her up because she hasn't told anyone else about her cancer.

- Andrea seeing Cathy call off her affair with he janitor (because she feels guilty), but from her point of view, it just looks like the pair getting cozy and being all romantic. This angers Andrea.

- Cathy getting inspired to reunite her family. She asks Sean to sleep in her backyard after he's attacked in the park. She encourages Paul and Adam to compete in the annual bathtub race, which they end up winning. She lets herself sleep with Paul again and everything seems fine at a later party - until Paul admits to Cathy that the rugby slut gave him an over-the-pants hand job. Despite her own actions with the janitor, this causes Cathy to basically flip out on Paul.

- She ruins the party and Adam thinks she's ruined their family again. He asks Andrea if she knows anything, but she does the right thing and remains quiet about what she knows (though she also spray-painted "Fuck You" over the school mural). After her surgery, Cathy needs a ride home because Marlene doesn't show. So she calls the janitor and the episode ends with them driving away.

The Big C
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