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On the season finale of The Big C...

- Rebecca tells Sean she's pregnant. He freaks out at first, but eventually seems open to raising the child with her. After Cathy gives him Marlene's house - which she left to her neighbor in her will and which Cathy was willing to give to Marlene's kids, until they were ungrateful and un-sentimental - he showers and visits Rebecca and says they should raise the baby together.

- Cathy and Paul are forced to tell Adam about her cancer. That's because she's chosen to undergo a dangerous treatment, one that could kill her on the table and will definitely leave her in poor shape as it's going on. But Cathy is suddenly inspired to fight her ailment and do whatever possible to hang out.

Adam doesn't really have a reaction to this news at first, but he later finds a storage unit key inside his mom's purse. He goes to the facility and finds a new car, along with dozens of presents. They are all addressed to him for various reason (i.e. 18th birthday, college graduation, etc.) and from his mother. At this, Adam (and yours truly) breaks down.

- We conclude the episode with Cathy undergoing her first round of treatment. She seems to see white light and viewers then see this character in a swimming pool. Marlene is also there, dancing the polka. Cathy smiles, and the screen fades out.

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