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Cathy and Sean took to the road this week, as the former was inspired to bond with her father before dying.

During the trip, Sean intercepted a text from Lenny (he wanted to "be inside" Cathy) and flipped out on his sister for cheating. They drove the rest of the way in silence, arriving at their dad's house in time for Cathy to basically chew him out. She told her dad that she loved him, but he was an "asshole" and he didn't seem too happy she had stopped by.

Sean overheard her giving him props for being honest and for caring, which helped to repair the relationship between these siblings. Later on, Cathy told Sean she had cancer and he broke down, saying she was all he had in the world. Unable to see her brother like this, Cathy played it off like a joke.

Elsewhere, Paul was in charge of Adam for the weekend and gave him his first taste of beer. He also passed out, resulting in Adam downing more alcohol and vomiting on Marlene's lawn. Marlene walked Adam home and screamed at Paul to shape up as a father.

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