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With Paul and Adam both in the know about her disease, Cathy had a helpful support system when we met up with her again on the season two premiere. With the exception of Sean, that is.

After Rebecca spills the cancer diagnosis to her baby daddy - they are sort of living together across the street, with Sean sleeping in a tent in the front yard - he goes off on his sister. Cathy, of course, doesn't have time to deal with Sean's issues, so they pretty much agree to disown each other. For now.


- Cathy has visions of Marlene.

- Paul punches out Todd after learning he kissed Cathy.

- Todd comes through with a phone call to another specialist, Dr. Sherman, and convinces him to see Cathy. He then tells Cathy he can't treat her anymore because he's gotten too close.

The Big C
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The Big C Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

I have a very stubborn cancer!


Sean to Cathy]: No matter how repulsed by you I am, you can't deny our biological bond.