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Cathy and Paul met with Dr. Sherman this week, the doctor who they really believe can help Cathy. In his waiting room, they also met a patient named Nadine who was in great spirits because she just got into the doctor's clinical trial.

Cathy was initially discouraged because the trial was full, and then she was guilt-ridden: Nadine died, opening up a spot. Cathy took it, but only after a speech from Sherman (who's a part-time magician) about how everyone will eventually be replaced.

- Adam got a blow job in his basement during Rebecca's baby shower form Ruby, the daughter of a guest headed for rehab.

- Rebecca learned she's having a girl.

- Sean and Cathy made up, with the former saying he wants to get better. Perhaps he'll go back on his medication.

The Big C
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The Big C Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

You be wowed. I'll be drunk.


Andrea: They take all the mirrors out of your house or something? You don't look good.
Cathy: Thank you! Finally someone telling me the truth.