Dancing on Bar tops  - The Big Leap Season 1 Episode 7
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  • It opens with flashbacks of Reggie as a kid wanting to be a football player and him later buying his parents a new house/mansion.
  • Gabby and Reggie have super hot sex. He tells her afterward that he's meeting up with his old coach to see if he can play again.
  • Brittney attempts to apologize to Gabby in the parking lot, but Gabby isn't having it. She storms into Nick's office and says that she wants revenge. Nick is excited and all for it.
  • Reggie's former coach tells Reggie that they used his antics as a reason to get rid of him, but his playing had gone downhill for a while
  • Paula meets her doctor and they get an emergency biopsy as it appears as though her cancer may be back and she has to act fast.
  • Simon and Justin arrive at the studio at the same time and Justin says they have to be discreet. He ignores a phone call from his brother.
  • Gabby and Nick hatch their plan and Nick warns her that she's putting everything on the line and could lose it all, but Gabby doesn't"t care.
  • Brittney is shunned by the other dancers
  • Mike asks Paula why she changed her mind about them. Julia notices that something is off with Paula.
  • Monica goes to the guy Frank that Jessica tells her about and gets high off of mushrooms.
  • Nick's idea for the fake prize in the challenge competition he and Gabby come up with is a lifetime supply of shrimp.
  • Paula leaves to day drink and Julia invites herself.
  • Paula confides in Julia after making Julia dance on the bar. She doesn't want to get tested but wants to go shopping with Julia's kids.
  • Monica announces to everyone that she's sleeping with Nick.
  • The competion is underway and everyone dances. But the metermaid shocks by putting on a whole grand performance with shrimp. It's enough to outshine Gabby, thus she'll lose.
  • Gabby gives Miriam her car in exchange for the challenge ticket and challenges Brittney for the role. The loser has to go  home.
  • Reggie finds out that his neck injury from a car accident means he can't play again. The doctor doesn't want to clear him.
  • Julia takes Paula to the hospital to get checked out. She leaves to get Mike so that he's there for Paula when she wakes up.
  • They do the dance battle with all the effects and things get heated.
  • Monica has an epiphany while watching them dance, but she choose Gabby to win and Brittney to go home.
  • Earl Jr tells Justin that their father had an accident.Justin has to leave to take care of his family. Monica is upset.
  • Brittney may take his role.
  • Mike goes to Paula and tells her that he loves her and wants to be there for her. She tells him she loves him back, and he climbs in the hospital bed with her.
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The Big Leap Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Nick: First revenge Gabby. Now premeditated murder Gabby. I got goosebumps. This is great. Do me a favor though, if you're actually going to kill her, make sure there's a camera there, huh?
Gabby: I can't tell if you're joking or not.
Nick: Look into my eyes. I have to get my steps in. Come on, tell me your plan.

Gabby: I want her off the show, and I want her part.
Nick: I like this energy. We're talking about Brittney, right? Hey, I'm sorry about what happened last night. Are you okay?
Gabby: Not remotely okay. Sam's going to go to school today and kids are going to joke about his child molester father. She messed with my kid, so again, I want her off the show. I want revenge.
Nick: Mmm, mmmh! I love revenge Gabby.