A Fateful Choice - The Blacklist: Redemption
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Kat is bloodied up and heads to an elevator.

12 hours earlier. Howard is at a diner filling Nez and Tom in on Whitehall's device.

Scottie and Trevor are talking about Kat. Scottie's not upset.

Tom and Nez go to her drug friends and get their help to break Whitehall out.

Howard is trying to take over Halcyon and is before the board.

Meanwhile Nez and Tom are trying to find Whitehall.

Solomon is on the case.

Howard locks out everyone. Solomon comes and saves Scottie. Howard places guards to keep the rest of board members at bay.

Scottie and Solomon have Whitehall. Tom and Nez chase after them.

Howard is watching via camera until Solomon blocks the cameras out.

Solomon kills the power, but Howard's found a way in. 

Whitehall commandeers the elevator with a heart resuscitation monitor.

Solomon and Scottie almost get away but Tom and Nez fight them and get Whitehall. Solomon and Scottie get away.

Howard brings Whitehall into the board to try to convince them to give him back control of the company.

Whitehall tells his story. Meanwhile Howard talks to employees that he is taking over from Scottie.

Dumont is still conflicted on whose side he's on.

The main board guy tells Scottie that they found financial irregularities and she's done.

Kat get a call from Scottie. She wants Dumont to stop getting the server up until Scottie escapes.

Scottie and Solomon got to a warehouse where a Whitehall prototype is being built. Scottie has been set up. Solomon believes her and they try to escape, but the FBI have arrived.

Solomon gets Nez but he only takes her guns and escapes.

Tom finds Scottie and she's arrested.

Kat discovers that Trevor was working with  Howard to set up Scottie. He stabs her and she kills him, but she's injured. She goes to Tom's apartment and gives him a flash drive with the truth.

Meanwhile Howard is admiring the Whitehall prototype at the warehouse. 



The Blacklist: Redemption
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The Blacklist: Redemption Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

High risk. Low probability of success. Any takers?


Kat: When you find her, what's going to happen to her?
Howard: Justice.