Tom Scrambles - The Blacklist: Redemption
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Scottie and Tom talk about Whitehall. She wants to know what he knows.

Solomon comes in and takes Tom away.

Cooper shows up at Fairview Hospital asking about Howard.

Solomon works on torturing Tom to find out what he knows about Whitehall.

Tom and Solomon fight. Dumont sees the whole thing.

Cooper gets Howard released.

Tom works on getting himself out of the bunker. He escapes the main area but still has more to go.

Scottie sends everyone to go after Tom. Armed men are hunting Tom.

Scottie arrives and points a gun and they argue and fight. He shoots a warning shot at her, then escapes outside.

Dumont is using all resources to find Tom. Nez and Solomon are in a car looking for him. Nez questions Solomon about Tom.

Tom gets pulled over by police and then breaks free.

Cooper and Howard are in a car on their way to protective custody when Scottie calls to try to convince them to give him back. He wants to know where Tom is.

Dumont finds where Tom was last with the cops and sends Tom and Nez after him. They corner him.

Nez finds Tom but pretends she didn't see him. 

Tom is on the phone with Liz. He tells her to tell Howard "Teleforce." She introduces herself to him and tells him about Teleforce.

Howard is in a comic shop where Tom is talking about Whitehall.Tom tells him it's over. 

Howard and Tom are on a roof building a satellite.

Kat tells Scottie not to see Trevor anymore. She tries to call Travis and realizes that Kat has Trevor's is.Kat is busted and tenders her resignation.

Howard breaks into the Artax system and tracks a crate. Dumont tells Scottie that Tom hacked the network. Scottie tells Dumont and Nez about Tom and Howard. She leaves to find them. 

Tom calls Nez. She tells him she knows where he's going and tells him she's going to kill him if she sees him there.

Tom is on the phone with Liz. He tells her to tell Howard "Teleforce." She introduces herself to him and tells him about Teleforce.

Tom and Howard work on building a satellite. Meanwhile, Scottie learns that Kat is sleeping with Trevor. Howard breaks into the Artax system and Dumont tells Scottie who sends Nez and Solomon after them as they are headed to Whitehall which seems to be a container of some sort.

Howard and Tom break into the place where Whitehall is.  Whitehall is a guy. Richard Whitehall who was working on research on a code. The bad guys show up and get Whitehall, but not the backpack with the research.

Tom and Howard escape and come upon Nez who doesn't know what to do but then Solomon shows up. Nez grabs the backpack.  Nez helps them escape.

Scottie has Whitehall. Solomon tells Scottie Nez betrayed them. 

Howard is talking computer gibberish trying to explain why Whitehall and his research is so important.

Scottie doesn't accept Kat's resignation. She needs her help to stop Howard.

Tom is on the phone with Liz telling her they are going to break into Halcyon. 

Howard is holding a press conference admitting he faked his death and talks about Halcyon and talks about Scottie and what she did.



The Blacklist: Redemption
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The Blacklist: Redemption Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

What are you going to do? Huh? Shoot your own son?


Tom: I thought we just started to be friends.
Solomon: You're my best friend!