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Madeline Pratt pretends to be Red's widow to gain access to his safe deposit box. She steals $10 million from his box. She does it to draw him out. He agrees to help her with a heist at the Syrian embassy.

Red returns to the Post Office to recruit Liz  and the FBI to help with the heist. Harold is suspicious of Red's return. He believes Red killed Diane and asks Malik to investigate.

Red decides to accompany Liz to the Syrian Embassy for the heist of a special statue. Madeline set them up. Liz triggers an alarm and Madeline steals the statue. Red comes to Liz's rescue.

Red confronts Madeline about the double-cross and they are taken prisoner. Red reveals the story about what happened to his family and Madeline cries. When Red is taken out of his cell to be tortured, she agrees to turn over the location of the statue. It turns out that Red set up the abduction to gain the location.

The statue supposedly has a list of former Soviet spies, but in actuality it contains the location of Soviet suitcase bombs in the US. 

Red trades the location of the bombs for the statue. And, Madeline steals a $40 million ugly painting from the home that Red is staying in.

At home, Liz and Tom are having problems. He goes to Orlando early without her and runs into Jolene at the teacher's conference.

The Blacklist
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