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Mako Tanida escapes prison and sets out to kill the FBI agents responsible for capturing him. Ressler was on that team and heads home to secure it. He gets Audrey to take him to a safe location. On the way, Tanida crashes into their vehicle and shoots Audrey in the head. She's only grazed and gets out of the car.

Ressler attacks Tanida and he shoots Audrey in the stomach. Tanida escapes and Audrey dies in Donald's arms. He's determined to get revenge and goes to Red for a tip. Red warns him that he won't find comfort in killing Tanida. He knows from personal experience.

Ressler recruits his former FBI partner, Jonica, to help him. They go to a makeshift hospital that Red pointed them too and Ressler shoots a guy in the leg for information. The guy tells them where to find Tanida. They go and get him. After capturing Tanida, the crime lord starts explaining why he's seeking revenge.

The FBI killed his brother during the raid. Back at the Post Office they realize that Tanika's brother wasn't running the crime enterprise. He was dead, but someone made it appear he was still alive. Instead, it was Jonica who was running it. 

Jonica tries to shut Tanida up in the vehicle, but Ressler figures it out. When they crash, Ressler goes after Jonica. He wants his best friend to sacrifice himself. He refuses, but Ressler can't kill him. He shoots his gun out and then leaves Jonica to Liz. Instead of going to prison, Jonica commits suicide.

Ressler is suffering and Reddington sends him a letter offering support with a box that contains Tanida's head.

While all that was going on, Tom and Jolene deal with their issue. Tom has been using Liz to track Red. When the Cowboy tries to capture Jolene for Red, Tom knocks him out. Then, Tom kills both Jolene and the Cowboy. The day ends with him washing the blood off and Liz joining him in the shower.

The Blacklist
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