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A Chinese spy tries to decode CIA transmission. When he isn't able to decode it, he contacts Red for help. Red takes Liz with him undercover to decode the message. The Chinese have high levels of security that block transmissions to the FBI, which threaten the plan. Red distracts them, while Liz sets up a communication line to the FBI. When her communication is interrupted, one of the Chinese analysts is blamed. While being beaten up, he figures out it was Liz and Red kills the man before their cover is blown. The FBI barely saves the Chinese architect from assassins in time.


Liz asks Red why she's important and he tells her it's about her father, but nothing else. 


Liz runs ballistics on a bullet from the gun she found under the floorboards. The information was above her security level. Ressler didn't trust Liz and was watching all of her requests. He pulled the ballistics results and the bullet was tied to a homicide that was at the Department of Homeland Security level.


While Liz and Tom were both out, someone put surveillance cameras in their home and is watching from across the street.

The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Red: What's the question?
Liz: Why me?
Red: Because of your father.

I have you.