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A vlogger inside a convenience store livestreams when a gunman enters the premise and holds them, hostage.

Harold receives a call from Dembe with a link to the news report showing the hostage situation and informs him that Raymond might have been in the store. Dembe wants to get on the scene first. Harold reveals that Panabaker will be visiting.

Harold puts Siya on inventory duty to check past case files for Panabaker. Siya reveals that she had been investigating her mother's cases.

Dembe and Ressler arrive at the scene and interview a witness.

SWAT arrives on the scene and wants to breach. Dembe asks them not to, and they agree to hold.

Siya peruses the case files and comes across her mother's files.

Panabaker questions Harold about Wujing, and Harold comes clean about what happened.

A gunshot prompts the SWAT team to prepare to breach, but they learn that the gunman has been killed.

SWAT searches the building and comes up empty. Raymond is nowhere to be found.

Siya reveals that she discovered she was adopted from the files. Herbie offers to do a DNA analysis.

Dembe and Ressler question the witnesses about the events. They are not satisfied with the story.

Panabaker reveals that she would be taking her findings to the attorney general.

Ressler and Dembe question the witnesses again, and they admit that Raymond is in the building.

Siya learns she's a 0% match to Meera.

The team tracks a bus Raymond might be on, but they come up empty.

The witnesses meet up in a bar, and Raymond promises them money to lie. He never left the store after shooting the gunman.

Panabaker returns home to find Raymond waiting for her. He gives her a recording he has of her, and she cancels her meeting with the attorney general.

Harold returns home and finds Agnes leading a book Red had gone to buy for her in Philadelphia. The witnesses receive their money.

The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 10 Episode 11 Quotes

Ressler: What happens tomorrow when Panabaker turns us over to the DOJ? I mean, we're the ones who are gonna take the full blame for Wujing's murder.
Harlod: Panabaker will do what she does. If we have to face Main Justice, we'll mount the best defense possible, but we can't do anything until we locate our asset, who's becoming more erratic by the hour.

Siya: I made it through the case files. As expected, Reddington used the HexRoot program to scrub himself. Any references to him or the intel he provided from the records are missing or redacted.
Harold: What about his immunity agreement?
Siya: Gone.
Ressler: It's like he was never part of this team.