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In 1998, Meera Malik and her partner Nigel Sutton from the MI6 are on a stakeout. Nigel is wrapped in something with the Chechnians.

Siya stakes out Reddington's place. Herbie joins her and suggests she asks for Raymond's help figuring out who Meera was.

Hudson tries to meet with a Senator overseeing the Committee of Appropriation to ask about the Task Force.

Meera learns that Nigel was being squeezed for money by the Chechnyans. He blackmails her for it.

Siya and Red have breakfast, and she asks him about Meera. He warns her against digging into the past.

Raymond gives away and sells some valuable collector items.

Meera finds money and gives it to Nigel who comes later asking for more. Meera declines to help, but he continues threatening her.

Siya accompanies Red around the world to retrieve some items.

Hudson tracks down Senator Dorf and asks for his help. He declines.

Meera and Nigel go on another mission but something goes wrong and Nigel is killed. Meera refuses to help him.

Raymond continues his sale and sells a stamp to one Kathleen Sutton, Nigel's wife, cheaply.

Agnes and Cooper visit Raymond, and Cooper asks about the future of the Blacklist.

Dorf visits Hudson's office and agrees to look into the Task Force.

Raymond gives Siya the check written by Kathleen and tells her it's the key to the answers she's looking for.

Meera lies about the events of the mission Nigel was killed in.

The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 10 Episode 13 Quotes

When I started on this task force, the first thing Agent Ressler warned me was not to get in debt to Reddington. It feels like a slippery slope I'm not sure I want to start sliding down.


Maybe what matters most, Siya, is what you already know. That you were loved and cared for by Meera and your stepfather. Un-redacting the past won't change any of that.