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On the season premiere of The Blacklist…

Red tries to find out who Berlin has sent to hunt him down.

He discovers that Lord Baltimore, a data miner who can find out anything about you, is on that list.

Except, Lord Baltimore is after Red’s wife, Naomi Highland.

As Liz and Ressler attempt to find Lord Baltimore, they discover that Rowan, who is really Nora, has dissociative identity disorder. That means she is not only Lord Baltimore, but unless there is a trigger, she won’t appear.

After capturing Red’s wife, Nora is captured herself and Liz calls on her trigger including talking about her story of killing her sister.

Berlin sends Red Naomi’s finger telling him he’s going to hurt her.

Ressler says he is fine but is pill popping.

The director returns to duty after a little persuasion.

Liz cuts her hair, gets papers signed so she technically didn’t marry Tom, and she keeps the last name of Keene.

The Blacklist
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