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On this episode of The Blacklist…

Liz gets Tom to reveal Berlin’s weapon supplier in order for her to figure out where Berlin is.

Red gives Liz and Samar a new blacklister, the Scimitar, who is looking to collect nuclear information. With the Iranian connection, and her brother’s involvement, the threat becomes personal.

Liz and Ressler are fooled into revealing the real target, and the two are sent to a fake hospital.

They manage to escape, but also with a little last minute help from Samar.

The Scimitar is stopped from reaching his target, but before escaping, Red captures him.

He is given to Samar, who talks about her dead brother. She presumably kills him.

Ressler deals with his pill addiction.

Red meets with Berlin and reveals that Zoe is not his daughter but Berlin’s daughter.

The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Do me a favor. Look me in the eye when you do it.


She's not my daughter. She's yours.