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On this episode of The Blacklist…

Red says Miles McGrath is the key to finding Alexander Kirk and Agnes.

Liz apologizes to the FBI team for not telling them about her faking her death. Samar says she is asking for a transfer.

Tom and Liz work together to get info from the FBI on what they have on Alexander. Liz gets her mother’s journal, which talks about an affair with Red.

Katarina was assigned to be in Red’s life to seduce him and betray him.

Red enlists Tom to work with a group of mercenaries, who are working with McGrath, in the hopes that they can get to McGrath.

Samples of Class A substances are hijacked from CDC. Kirk wants one of the viruses.

Kirk has a disease, a rare blood disease. Roboski virus will help him.

He needs a genetic donation from Liz that will help him.

Mr. Kaplan is alive and someone finds her.

The Blacklist
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