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On this episode of The Blacklist…

Red discovers that the person who hired Isabella Stone is from his bank.

Red later learns that the person who hired her was him, or at least the person did it under Red’s name with his funds.

Harold asks Red for a blacklister after learning he kidnapped Isabella.

Aram goes undercover to track down the Architect.

Aram runs into his ex-girlfriend, Janet, who has been hired by the NSA to go after the Architect.

Aram is captured by the Architect to help free a white supremacist from prison.

Aram shoots the Architect's vehicle to prevent him from escaping after Ressler and Samar show up.

Tom discovers that the man who said he killed Tom as a child, Christopher Hargraves, was given a script by his mother to admit it. She doesn’t know who or why.

The Blacklist
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