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A little lemonade stand is overcome by ash. Something big is burning. An attack on a chemical plant.

Liz is at a crime site. She gets all the info from the cop, goes home and tells Tom about Nik. She's devastated.

Hawkins updates Red on the new scam with the post office guy. Liz shows up and tells Red about Nik. 

Red gives Liz another Blacklister. Ilyas Surkov only thing is Red says he's dead and they need to find out who the real terrorist is. The task force goes to Leeds to find out information -- Ressler and Liz are in Leeds.

Aram and Samar join the team in Serbia to follow another lead.

Tom is doing his own investigation. He thinks Pete killed Nik.  He's explaining his theories to Agnes.

Red is investigating Nik's death.

Samar and her target get taken by someone. Ressler and Aram chase after them. Aram out in the field is the greatest thing ever.

Turns out CIA took Samar and the target. They exchange information.

Tom is doing a drug study as part of undercover to find out about Pete.

The CIA guy is questioning Samar's target. He's not talking so the CIA does their thing on him. 

Tom is affected by the drugs but gets into the office of McGee and is looking for stuff.

Harry meets with the CIA rep. The guy is talking about Surkov. Harold learns that the CIA people are not CIA and tells Ressler. A shootout ensues. Liz takes the woman and demands information.

The woman is back in DC with the team looking for information. The woman is working with the real terrorist and the CIA director knows who he is. It's a former CIA agent.

Red has all the evidence from Nik's murder investigation including the suitcase key and his burner cell.

The woman takes the team t a staging area which has been destroyed. Liz updates Red on Osterman and the rest of the files.

The target is going to be a Navy ship in Norfolk.

Liz gets Osterman who tells her all sorts of the information about Cox and the truth about Surkov. He claims he's there to stop the CIA agent. Liz shoots him and then a bomb goes off. What Osterman was saying was true.

Liz and Tom are at Nik's funeral. Red is there too. Liz wants to know if he found out anything. Tom learns that Red has a lead, but Liz doesn't know anything.

Aram wants to be operationally trained.

Tom is getting information from the nurse.

Hawkins tells Dembe he's hot which is the greatest thing ever.

Red calls the number on the burner cell and Tom picks up. Red knows exactly who it is. Uh oh.





The Blacklist
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