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A guy meets another guy in a park to talk about the death/murder of his wife.

Liz tells Red about the detective on Tom's case and that she's figured out he's a dirty cop.

Red talks with Samar about the Innocence Project and a guy named DeMarco. Samar gives the team information on DeMarco and the crimes.

Ressler and Samar questions a woman about the Alibi/DeMarco.

Liz meets with a psychotherapist to talk about her father.

Dembe and Red visit a homeless shelter looking for a man. Meanwhile, the Alibi talks with the other guy talking about his wife and her betrayal.

Liz tells Red he needs to go to therapy with her in order for her to be reinstated. Singleton is taking pics of their meeting.

Red meets with Delores who gives him a picture of the Alibi.Red finds the hideeout and has Dembe call the Task Force.

The Alibi creates a Doppelganger of the guy who wants to kill his wife and the two meet. The original is shocked.

Samar and Ressler are trying to get to the ex-wife of the Brian before he kills her. Brian gets caught by Ressler and Samar.

Red takes Sinclar hostage. Red offers him safety if he does something for Red.

Liz catches Singleton in her apartment and attempts to make a deal. Singleton tells Liz he thinks he can help her find the dirty cop who killed Tom. She takes him to the Task Force.

Liz meets with the therapist and talks about Red and wanting to be reinstated.






The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 5 Episode 14 Quotes

Delores: You have an honest face.
Red: I'm an honest man.

People think the mind works like a video recorder. The mind records events and then on queue plays back an exact replica. In truth, memories are reconstructed, more like putting together an ever-changing jigsaw puzzle than replaying a video.