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A woman infects a restaurant ad the CDC is involved. She leaves unharmed. It's Pattie Sue Edwards.

Singleton goes to Harold about Red being in his apartment. He Harold and Liz talk about next steps to catch the bad cop aka Garvey.

The Task Force finds out more information about Pattie Sue and her motives. Red tries to deal with Heddy and his taxes.

Red bribes the tax audit guy while Singleton starts setting up Garvey.

The Task Force work on catching Edwards who has used her biological virus to infect computers.

Liz gets closer to discovering Garvey, but there's a complication.

Garvey knows Singleton is on to him and threatens him. Garvey takes him for a ride.

Edwards finds the man she thinks is responsible for her husband's death. The Lieutenant fights her off and destroys the antidote accidentally.

The auditor changes and Red changes his plans to avoid the audit which is to burn the building and all its records. 

Edwards and the infected soldier are on their way to her house so that she can get the antidote. Task Force and CDC are on the way and intercept their vehicle.

The truth about Edwards' husband comes out.

Liz is at Singleton's place looking for him. She hasn't heard from him. He's missing. Harold calls and gives her an address.

Red gets out of the audit. His firestarter started the fire inside the smoke alarm in the basement of the auditor.

Edwards is at her husband's funeral. he's getting the proper military burial.

Singleton is DEAD! He was stabbed multiple times. Garvey is there at the crime scene. Liz recognizes him. SHE RECOGNIZES Garvey!!


The Blacklist
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