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A guy is walking with the FBI and arrests someone. It's a farce.

Aram is visiting Samar in the hospital. Aram is telling the nurse information. 

Liz and Harold talk about the duffel bag. She tells him about Max Birmingham aka Sutton Ross. He gives the Task Force the low down.

They head to the robotics company to find out what Sutton Ross was doing there.

Red is visiting a suit maker guy. He's looking for information on Sutton Ross.

Liz and Ressler are at the robotics company. They get help from Aram who is still at the hospital.

The famous guy realizes who Red is. It's John Waters. Red is talking to him. Waters is seeking advice about his suit. The suit guy gives Red information and Red heads to the next guy who handles accounts for Sutton Ross.

Ross finds a guy in the theatre and threatens him. He's another famous actor that Aram knows.

Liz and Ressler arrive at the theater. They knock on the window of one of Ross's guys. Ross comes out the actor and they run. A shootout ensues with Ross's men but he escapes anyway. Red shows up but Liz is gone chasing after Ross.

It's a race. Red calls Liz and tells her to leave Ross. He's chasing after too. Liz gets into an accident while chasing Ross and Red stops to help her. Meanwhile, Red takes Liz's prisoner.

Ressler calls Liz and she tells him what happened.

Back at the Post Office they look at the cell phone from one of Ross's guys that is dead.

Red is in a chair facing Elizabeth who is severely beaten.

Aram shows up to help.

Reddington is having his torturer guy work on Ross's guy to find out information. The torturer guy needs more time.

Aram learns about the text from the guy's phone. They figure out it has to do with a hotel at 3 p.m.

Torturer guy finds out information but not about duffel bag. He finds out the same information Liz has.

Ross meets with some guy and hands over a briefcase. Red is watching the whole thing. It's an FBI sting. Liz has Ross. Red drives away and makes sure Liz sees him.

Liz and Ressler question Ross about the duffel bag. He offers to talk to Liz without cameras or audio to tell her what's in the bag. Ressler agrees to let them talk for five minutes.

Red tells Harold he wants Ross. He gives Harold and ultimatum that he'll end the Task Force if he doesn't get what he wants.

Ross is screwing with Liz and does stuff to escape. They are in lockdown. Sutton calls Harold with demands. He wants to be escorted somewhere. Red wants them to breach the room. They end up listening to Red.

When they get in there Ross and Red are gone. They're in the ventilation system.

Ross is at the door and demands a code. Aram gives the guy the code to escape despite Red's insistence they don't. Now Sutton and Liz are gone.

Harold goes off on Red. Dembe gets a call from Sutton. Red's life for Liz's. He gives them an address.

Red tells them he's going alone. The Task Force follow to the meetup place. Dembe is in the truck with Aram. Red is outside waiting. He gets a phone out of the garbage. Aram can't hear what's going on.

Dembe tells Aram that Reddington is letting them take him for Liz. He gets out of the truck and goes into where Red went. A bunch of guys with bags on their head come out to give the FBI a ruse. Dembe goes into the building still looking for Red.

He can't find Red but remembers what the van was that took Red. It was a different van. He calls Aram and tells Red the real van that has Reddington.

Harold shows up at the scene to find out what happened.

Back in the warehouse where Liz and Red are being held. Liz blames herself for the situation.

Ross tells Red that unless he tells him what he wants to know, Liz will be tortured. He starts with a DNA report.

Dembe and Aram find the van.

Raymond starts to tell Sutton the truth when Dembe and the FBI breach.

Red shoots Sutton and walks out with his duffel bag. Everyone watches and do nothing.

Aram gets a text message and leaves in a hurry. Samar is awake. She says yes, she'll marry him.

Red shows up at the grandfather's house. Liz is at Tom's grave. She's talking to Tom's ghost. Liz knows the truth about the duffel bag and what was in it. She arranged the whole thing. It was all a setup from when Sutton was in the interrogation room.

It turns out that Jennifer has the duffel bag. She looks at the DNA report. This is all Liz telling Tom what happened.  They're going to set up Red together.

Flashback to Red killing everyone including Diane, etc.

Red is with Dembe burning the bones. The grandfather is there.

The bones are the real Raymond Reddington -- her real father. Raymond Reddington is an imposter. Why has he been pretending to be Raymond Reddington for all these years?

Jennifer is going to help her expose the truth.


The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 5 Episode 22 Quotes

There's a fine line between fishing and standing on the shore looking at the video.


You're a fugitive. I'm a cop. You get in my way, I swear to God, I'll arrest you.