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A guy is questioning Dembe about Red's arrest and that his investors aren't happy.

He gets home and his wife and others are dead. A guy in a monkey mask shows up and makes him drink something but he fights and they force it down his throat anyway. Then the position him at the table with the others, turn the gas on, clean up, leave the dog and leave. The house blows up.

Red is back at court defending himself. He wants to suppress the evidence and she wants him to get a lawyer. He is very knowledgeable about the law.

He stops the case to tell Liz about a new case. She tries to argue with him like she's so worried. He tells her about the murder of the guy. She brings the case to the task force and she and Ressler begin their investigations. They go to the will reading.

Dembe visits Red in jail. Dembe wants Red to tell Liz the truth.

Samar is looking at videos about her problem when Aram shows up.

He shares information about the son of the guy who was killed.

Ressler and Liz go to talk to the son, Tim Peterson. He didn't even know he was his father. They question others.

Red is back in court. The prosecutors question the cop. He tells his story.

Aram confirms Tim's story to the task force. Samar finds that Tim's girlfriend lied and isn't a school teacher.

Red questions the cop about the anonymous tipper. 

Ressler and Liz learn that the girl just got married to another man. They question the groom who hired her just to marry him because he's gay. He used a service called alter ego.

Samar questions people from Alter Ego.

Red tells the court he wants to hear the tape. The prosecution doesn't want to and they argue. The judge agrees that the tape can be given but for the judge's ears only.

The task force discovers that there are several actors from alter ego around Tim.

Tim finds the three actors in the hotel suite. His girlfriend is beating herself up for some devious purpose.

Ressler and Samar question a guy who they think killed everyone around Tim. Then he confesses everything.

Ressler and Liz get to the hotel. The fake girl tells Tim she's pregnant and they tell him their plan to get the money. He's devastated. Tim fights them off. Ressler shows up.

The girlfriend escapes and ends up fighting Liz in the elevator. Liz gets control.

The judge tells the court that she listened to the tape and it is as described. Red argues his point and rests his case.

The judge denies the motion to suppress.

Ressler uses Alter Ego services to get a date for his cousin's wedding.

Red tells Liz about the tape but that he hasn't heard it.









The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

Feel free to make light, Mr. Reddington, but this is serious.


Do you believe Reddington will cut a deal with the FBI?