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Red is at a bank when a bank robbery takes place when Red was planning to rob the bank himself -- at least a certain safety deposit box. The robbers notice who he is in the middle of the robbery which is quite humorous. He's willing to get the robbers out for 55 percent of their take after the cops show up.
Red and the robbers gets out by the time the cops show up through secret tunnels from the prohibition era.
As Red is driving he hits a hard bump and money spills out the back of the truck and the cops start chasing them. Red dumps the robbers and goes on his way.
Red goes back to the bank with the safety deposit box he stole that has a Van Gogh painting.
Liz is talking to Jennifer about the fake Reddington trying to piece together the history they know about him.
Liz has a boxful of evidence she's collected over the years and shows it to Jennifer when Red calls her. 
Red is doing some sort of yoga in the park with Dembe when Liz shows up.
Red asks her about a guy who changes criminal's identity via reconstruction surgery.
She reports back to headquarters with the information.
Harold talks privately with Liz that he's willing to shut down their operation when she wants so she doesn't have to continue working with Red.
Samar is at a doctor's visit. She's cleared for duty.
Keen and Ressler visit a bakery that was shut down because it was under suspicion for being the surgery center. Ressler orders the team to tear the place apart.
Red gives Liz more information about the guy they're looking for, Han. Red and Dembe pay a visit to a horse track. They find the guy they're looking for.
Red wants the guy to put him in touch with Dr. facelift.
Liz tells Jennifer that she thinks Red knows they're onto him. 
A woman shows up at the track to talk about Dr. Kohler. 
Kohler is a prisoner of some guy whose face he's reconstructing.
Jennifer and Liz go on a road trip to the house in Dover from her childhood. It's been razed.
Liz tells Jennifer that she killed their father. Are her memories real?
The former sheriff shows up because they have questions about the night of the fire.
Aram calls Liz with information about Dr. Kohler being in France but he's not in France, he's in D.C.
Thanks to Aram Red knows where Kohler and his staff are. They head into the building just as all of the are about to be killed.
The FBI and Liz head to the same building but Red and Dembe are already inside.
It's too late though. The changed face guy shoots them all but Kohler is still alive when the other guys run off.
Samar helps Dembe and Dembe congratulates her on her engagement.
Red is questioning Kohler on where something is. Liz knows something's up.
Red and Liz have a discussion about their relationship. She wants to know what Kohler told him.
They have an awesome conversation about secrets. She wants to know his secrets. He wants to know hers.
Then Ressler and Samar walk in and destroy the moment.
Kohler was working on The Corsican, an accomplished assasin.
The Corsican kills his guards when he arrives at teh airport and puts himself into a wheelchair and moves about.
Back at the post office the team share information about what they know about The Corsican.
Samar and Ressler arrive at the airport. The Corsican has gotten away.
REd arrives at Mrs. Kohler's house. He wants the Picasso which happens to be a dog statue. Red finds something in the dog's collar. It's Kohler's client list. Red has a plan for her to escape with money and a new identity.
Liz tells Harold about another Reddington and that she'll pay whatever the price to learn the truth.
Liz and Red meet on a park bench to talk about their relationship. He gives her Kohler's client list and tells her that he deleted his name off the list.
Liz is playing Red, but is he playing her too?
The Blacklist
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