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A man visits a cop in a restaurant with a suitcase and a file of pictures of him doing some bad stuff. When he looks up, the guy is gone. Inside the case is a computer where Chief Walker is connected to someone and she wants him to do something for them. She tells him a new organization is his boss.

Aram is alone and writes a letter and puts it in an envelope. He calls a bank and liquidates $60 million.

Red is injecting himself with something. Liz knocks on the door and he takes a couple of pills before she enters.

Red gives Liz a new case involving the woman Walker talked to.

Liz wants to know why he's being free with information. Olson is supposedly connected to Anna McMahon.

Aram is angry as Liz talks.

Olson is talking to someone else as Liz gives the task force more information.

When the others leave, Harold talks to Aram. 

Ressler and Liz are watching a suspect. Ressler is not happy about Liz giving up her pursuit for the truth.

Dembe and Red go into the building. He's Olson's new client where Olson is on a video feed. He wants her to betray Anna McMahon.

The team finds the feed so they hear what's going on.

Ressler and Liz are following the van where Olson is doing the feed from. They lose her.

Olson calls McMahon to tell her about Red and the FBI.

Red arrives at the Task Force. Aram ignores him but then says something briefly. 

Harold is not happy with Red. Red tells him he's trying to scare McMahon so she makes a mistake.

Then she shows up.

 Anna wants information about a case before they work on it. 

Red tells her about Olivia Olson.

Ressler is complaining to Liz about Red again.

Aram gives more information about Olson. Liz invites Aram over to drink.

Olson is talking to a group about a new job.

Liz and Ressler arrive at the building they think Olson is.

Eric tells Liz about a CPA firm that isn't a CPA firm where the men were talking to Olson.

Aram prepares to leave. He leaves a letter for everyone when Red shows up. Red knows about the money.

Aram wants Red to take him to Samar.

The guy tells Ressler there's going to be an attack in motion.

Red is on a plane when Liz calls him with information that she knows.

Aram is on the plane with Red. He tells her how much danger he'll put Samar in and that Mossad is following him.

Red also tells Aram about the imminent attack. 

A party is taking place at the place that Olson is attacking.

Dembe gives Red a laptop with info from Liz. He won't share with Aram until Aram insists he needs to help which he does.

Aram calls Liz to help her with the case. Ressler and Liz figures out it's a newly built hotel.

Liz calls the building security about the threat and tells him to evacuate the building.

The gas line explodes and the building becomes unstable. The floors start falling through. Ressler helps the woman who was holding the event before she falls to her death.

Olson wants to call the attack off. Her main guy tells her he needs to get out of town. Liz notices the guy from the van from earlier and Ressler catches him.

They find the server place. 

Aram tells Red why he was so angry. Red tells him that if he goes to her Samar will have to leave him again.

Anna shows up in Harold's office. He tells her what they've found.

Liz reads the letter from Aram when Aram returns and goes into Liz's office.

Aram changed his mind but tells her he owes Red a lot of money.

Ressler gets a call from a friend. He is investigating Red behind Liz's back.

Harold tells Red that Anna took the files except for one about The Third Estate a lead in the forthcoming attack on the U.S.

Aram goes home and talks to the cameras Mossad installed to tell them he won't be leading them to Samar.










The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 6 Episode 15 Quotes

Only time will heal Aram's broken heart. Or revenge.


Why is it that men think the only way to fix a problem is to be stoic.