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Raymond arrives at a private island in the Baltic Sea. Raymond is there to sell his nesting casket, as are the other casket holders. The caskets are rumored to be cursed. The potential buyer is a collector of Byzantine art. Joko the gunman wants the same cut as the other five sellers but caves in the end and agrees to sell just like the others. Margo the lockpick collapses and dies. Raymond thinks she was poisoned. So he performs an autopsy in the early hours. The autopsy proves that someone on the island killed Margo. Joko is found dead, his fingers cut off. But his casket is still in his room. Annika wants to leave. Mahmoud blows open the safe to get his gun. Raymond grabs his as well. Annika dies from an asthma attack. Mahmoud blames Cassandra for the deaths, and Raymond shoots him when he won't lower his gun. Cassandra tells Raymond she cut a deal with the FBI. A  CIA agent had placed a list of U.S. operatives inside the Turkish government on a microdot inside one of the caskets. But the caskets got stolen instead of being shipped back to D.C. Raymond said it wasn't an FBI agent. He rigs up a microscope. Cassandra discovers that the Turks had killed the island's staff. Raymond captures one of the Turks. They're after the smallest casket. On it is a list of Turkish assets in the U.S. government. The man pretending to be Arthur Rodman is the intruders' leader, Cornelius Ruck. Cassandra kills the power. While Raymond distracts the gunmen, Cassandra spreads gasoline and disconnects the gas line. Cornelius captures Raymond. Cassandra brings the casket Cornelius wants. Cassandra sparks the gas line, causing an explosion. He makes it home in time for Agnes's recital. But Cassandra leaves him.

The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 7 Episode 12 Quotes

Margo: Reddington, you dapper don.
Raymond: Margo, you're a Viking.

Hello, Cassandra. You're looking like the best of times.

Raymond [to Cassandra]