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Raymond and Dembe are picking up ice when a man comes in to rob a convenience store.

The robber shoots and kills the clerk Sofia then Red and Dembe kill him.

Ilya Koslov is paranoid about a car he keeps seeing on his street. Raymond brings the robbery to Liz. He wants the Task Force to go after Gordon Kemp, the gun manufacturer, who makes cheap handguns used by criminals.

Kemp is trying to change the narrative about Sofia's death. Ilya calls Red thinking he's being watched. Red wants the Task Force to go up the food chain.

Harold suggests sending the buyer Karlie back to buy from the same gun seller, Judson. Kemp tells Judson to sell to Karlie. Ilya attacks Dembe. Liz arrests Kemp.

Linda says Ilya hasn't been right since Katerina abducted him but they don't want Raymond's help. Red sees the same car Ilya saw. The judge dismisses the case.

Sofia's mother slaps Kemp. Dembe jumps into Liz's private eye's car.

Red decides to hijack Kemp's next shipment. Harold tries to warn Kemp and insists on guarding the shipment. Harold sends three different trucks, two of which are decoys. Liz is on the real truck.

Red calls her to find out which is the real one and she tips him off. Raymond's people stage an accident. But that truck is empty.

Harold faked out Liz and Red. Ressler was with the real shipment. Harold is worried that Liz will give into her dark impulses.

Ilya and Linda are moving away. Red tells them Katerina is dead so she wasn't behind the person watching Ilya. Teddy interrogates Liz's private eye. Raymond surprises Kemp at his home and threatens him.

Then he shoots him with his own cheap gun. Dembe tells Red that Liz hired the P.I. 

The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 7 Episode 15 Quotes

Ilya, Dembe will be there soon. Keep your head down.


Glen, it is what it is. You just can't request "Halfbreed."

Red [to Glen]