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A guy accepts a boy into a school program but has a problem with germs and go crazy cleaning himself up after.

Red is being tended to when a guy comes in to tell him he has two leads. He calls Liz to give her a lead on Norman Devane and they get to work on him.

Aram and Liz work the Devane case and visit a military base for information.

Red visits a guy looking for info on Devane.

The kid Devane met with iRs sick and then the kid gets attacked when trying to see what Devane is doing.

Red is on a plane talking to some guy about Paris and Red's abduction.

Liz is questioning witnesses.

School principal talks about the death of a kid while another kid is full of sores. He goes to visit Dr. Mitchell to tell him about Theo, the kid who just died.

Aram calls his girlfriend, the married lady. He makes a date with her to get information abou the cost. He tells Harold and the team what he found about the boarding school.

Liz gives Red an update on Devane.

Ressler gets intercepted by Red as he's carrying Devane. 

Red kills Devane in front of Ressler as soon as he gets the information he needs.

Aram crashes a wedding with his girlfriend.

Ressler watches as Red cleans up his mess.

The treatment Red was receiving didin't work.



The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 7 Episode 5 Quotes

That's why I trust whatever ever happens was probably meant to be.


Aram: I slept with a married woman.
Liz: I'm glad you slept with anyone.