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Raymond is firing his doctor and giving up on his treatment regimen. Red brings Agnes to see Liz.  Reddington and Dembe visit Harold to tell him Townsend is dead. Red gives Harold a folder of crimelords that may attempt to fill the vacuum. Harold agrees to do whatever he can for Liz after Reddington's gone. Raymond has a letter from Katarina which he will give Liz if she kills him. That will give her the reputation needed to take over his empire. Liz plans to take Agnes to Europe. Liz picks up Harold. She tells him she doesn't want to take over for Reddington. He suggests taking over Red's place with the Task Force. Liz visits the hospital to see Ressler. He doesn't want her to take over. A girl Liz once saved gives her a pep talk at the train station. Liz agrees to meet with Raymond. Red is holding a party for family and friends at his restaurant. Liz is to kill him outside the restaurant, on the street. She agrees to kill him but wants to know why she can't know who he really is until afterward. He says she would ever agree to kill him then. Liz calls Aram looking for forgiveness. Raymond gives Dembe Katarina's letter for after he's gone. Liz and Agnes talk about Liz's friend who is dying. Ressler figures out that Liz is going to kill Red then take over his empire and that it's Reddington's idea. The Task Force rushes to stop her attempt. Red leaves the restaurant and Liz follows him. But she can't pull the trigger. Vandyke shoots Liz and Raymond kills him. She flashes back through her life as she's dying, smiling as she thinks of Agnes. The Task Forces arrives on the scene too late.

The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 8 Episode 22 Quotes

Red: It's quite a story, full of ambition and hope, love and loss.
Liz: How does it end?
Red: You'll find out.

Red: Can you walk?
Liz: Walk? Townsend's dead. I can fly.