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A virtual-reality image of Katarina tells Liz how she became a spy at a young age. Her handler was Ivan Stepanov. She also encounters her American father, Raymond Reddington. She told both her husband and Reddington that she was pregnant with their child. Katarina stayed with her husband and vowed to protect her daughter Masha. Katarina and Reddington continued to see each other. Katarina continued to steal intel from him. Reddington figured out what she was doing but kept seeing her. He determined she was connected to a global intelligence network. Katarina and her people came looking for the Fulcrum. A fire started. Masha shot Reddington, who soon died. Masha ran back inside to look for her bunny. That's how Liz got the burn on her arm. Katarina says she gave Masha up to keep her safe. She was hiding from the KGB and the Cabal. That was why she chose to disappear. Tatiana, an operative, posed as Katarina under Dom's orders, and Katarina went into hiding. Dom and Koslov tried to kill Tatiana but killed her husband instead. Tatiana was trying to find Katarina so she could get her life back. That's why she got close to Liz, to locate Katarina. Katarina and Koslov created a new Raymond Reddington and set him up with 13 packets of intelligence, leading to a global network that kept Masha safe. Dom told Tatiana where Katarina was hiding, and Reddington killed her to keep that secret hidden. Townsend catches up with Red and Liz, and Red pulls her out of virtual reality before she learns who he really is. Liz gets shot. Liz grabs a gun and kneecaps Townsend, and Dembe shoots many of Townsend's men. They slip down an escape tunnel. Red floods the upper level with a flammable chlorine gun and incinerates everyone.

The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 8 Episode 21 Quotes

Elizabeth, stay with the story. Stay with the story.

Red [to Liz]

I vowed I would do whatever it took to protect you.

Katarina [to Liz]