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Red tells Ressler about Nicholas Obenrader, a management consultant for criminal organizations. Obenrader is looking for Charlie, an accountant who fled the liquidation of a money-laundering realty company. Godwin cautions Townsend that Liz may be feeding intel to the FBI. But Townsend thinks the setup is just the opposite. Ressler and Park also go in search of Charlie. Liz surprises Aram in Paris. Liz pressures a bartender to give up security feeds. Red is attempting to purchase an asset named Priya from  Remy Noel. He tells Reddington where to find her. Aram and Liz find Raymond's handler on a security feed. Park and Ressler arrest Obedrader. Aram identifies Ivan Stepanov from the surveillance. Reddington talks Harold into turning Obenrader over to him. Red also give Priya to the Task Force. Aram suggests that Liz could pick up Stepanov and Cooper reluctantly agrees. Ressler calls her but Rocco intercepts the voicemail. Priya meets Raymond. Rocco takes the message to Townsend. He decides to distract her while his team picks up Stepanov. Red tries to recruit Priya for one job: to infiltrate Townsend's organization. Obedrader is turned over to Reddington in a fake abduction from the FBI. Raymond offers Obedrader Priya as Townsend's new heist manager, or he will release Obenrader's client list. Townsend asks Liz to bring in Priya, to keep her busy. The Task Force plans to follow Priya to Townsend. Entering a van, she goes down a manhole into the underground. where she meets Liz. Ressler calls Liz, who tells him that Townsend has her doing busywork and that's she's working with the FBI to get Red. Townsend overhears the whole conversation but still backs Liz. Liz sent Esi to Moscow but Townsend's men grab Stepanov. Dembe informs Red about it. Townsend interrogates Stepanov about N-13. 

The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 8 Episode 16 Quotes

I did not come all this way just to eat your croissant.

Liz [to Aram]

Sit tight, Liz, and let us do our job.

Cooper [to Liz]