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Harold is being considered as a replacement for a retiring Senator from Virginia. Harold runs the offer by Red. Reddington tells Harold about Ogden Greely, a defense contractor who has gone missing. A fed-up Greely has decided to sell vulnerabilities in the U.S. satellite system to the highest bidder. Greely is also having an affair. Raymond again runs into Anne at the park. She's in town from Kansas to see shows on Broadway. They share her tuna sandwich. Anne cancels her Uber and they go shopping for souvenirs. Harold runs the governor's offer by his wife, Charlene. Harold and Charlene meet with the retiring Senator. Red and Anne go out for a lunch of wine and chocolate. She quizzes him about his work. Dembe comes for him. He asks her to change her flight and go to a film with her. The senator wants Harold's guarantee that he will vote to approve the "Black Budget" for intelligence services. Greely's girlfriend is a Russian spy, Nina Kurylenko. Harold calls Raymond for details about the "Black Budget." Dembe cautions Reddington about getting involved with Anne. Park and Ressler are staking out Nina, who makes them and runs, straight into Ressler. She gives up the meeting site in Mongolia to Ressler. Harold suggests using a drone to stop Greely with a targeted killing. Harold goes to the White House to debate that idea. The President approves it. Raymond shows up to buy Greely's data and Harold argues against killing both. Reddington has them move inside a building. Dembe delivers the "Black Budget" intel. Afterward, Harold turns down the appointment. Red offers to sell back Greely's intel for $175 million. Harold counters with $155 million. He set up a fake drone strike. Raymond calls to stand up Anne. She lies and says that she flew home. 

The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 8 Episode 8 Quotes

Anne: Some people like to live dangerously.
Red: Yes, some do.

Harold: I do what I do for the greater good.
Red: And I see that as admirable. But the governor might see that as situational.