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Raymond greets a waking man with the question, "What was the protocol, Kosta?" He wants an explanation of how his DVDs went from his safehouse in Montenegro to a vault halfway around the world. Red has brought along Teddy to get answers. Aram is abducted from his apartment by two masked men, one of whom says "Greetings from El Conejo." Red placed the box containing the DVDs inside a safe that only he or Liz could open. The Task Force realizes Aram is late. Don Marquez, aka El Conejo, says that Aram stole from him. Aram's abduction was recorded on his mother's voicemail. Red gives the team the name of the brothers who built Marquez's servers. Teddy clears Kosta. Aram convinces Marquez to let him look at the code. He discovers someone has weaponized his code. Marquez gets a ransom call for his missing product. Based on the brothers' intel, the Task Force rescues Aram. Harold suggests that Aram track his stolen code while the rest of the squad pursues Marquez. Following Weecha's suggestions, Raymond reviews the DVDs for a clue. Nick kept parts of the independent assessment of Aram's program from him. Aram confronts Nick. Marquez's henchman gives up the location of the ransom drop in exchange for him being sent back to Mexico for trial. Reddington determines that his original safe was stolen and replaced and he knows by whom. Marquez's son Antonio, a college student, hijacked the shipment. The Task Force arrests everyone at the exchange. Antonio's roommate had figured out how to weaponize Aram's code. Aram hacks and locks his Greylock code. The safe's creator, Heinrich Zimmerstahl, says he made a second safe for a woman who claimed to be Raymond's representative. It was Mr. Kaplan. Aram tells Nick what he did. 

The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 9 Episode 17 Quotes

I hope you slept well, Kosta. It's going to be a long day.

Red [to Kosta]

Kosta: Raymond? How? The last time I saw you, you said you were going to meet your fate.
Red: You may very well be about to meet yours.