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Aram locates the private jet on which Marvin is attempting to escape. Marvin is on the plane when the FBI arrives. Ressler catches him trying to sneak off the plane. Marvin refuses to talk to Harold. Red picks up Judge Carolyn Marquez to ask for the favor her father owed him. Marvin negotiates with Panabaker. He wants to create his own task force in place of Raymond and the current Task Force. Reddington makes an arrangement with a guard at the prison where Marvin is being held. Marvin is approached by assassin Wujing. He wants Marvin to get him a trip to the courthouse where he has an accomplice to help him escape. Panabaker tells Harold the Justice Department isn't going to charge Harold. The guard informs Dembe and Park that Red wants to break into the prison to get to Marvin. Harold plans to block him. Judge Marquez calls for Judge Grunwald, who is residing over Marvin's arraignment. After misdirecting Harold, Raymond meets Marvin in Grunwald's office. Marvin tells Reddington that he was his partner, not his underling. Red disagrees, calling him a coward and pointing out to him how he was able to get to Marvin inside a federal courthouse. Marvin admits he can't beat Raymond. By the time Grunwald returns and the federal attorney arrives, Reddington has slipped away. Cooper gives Charlene the good news about his charges being dropped. Marvin informs Wujing that he's in prison because of Red. He gives him a list of others that Raymond helped put away. Reddington gave Marvin a head start before killers come after him. Marvin shoots himself, abrogating his deal with Justice. Also the order to arrest Red was rescinded. Raymond is taking the sisters back to Cuba. The Task Force visits Liz's grave. Wujing escapes, planning to kill Reddington.

The Blacklist
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