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The Chairman passes punishment on three unscrupulous businesspeople: repayment plus 20 percent and a number of fingers. Harold is worried about the blackmailer dogging him. Cooper is resisting Red's plan to exhume Elizabeth's body to retrieve the tracker within it. Then Raymond tells him about the night market, a stock market for criminals. To start with, he gives the Task Force the name of an Albanian company, BKRC. Gaming Enforcement supplies the name of their informant, Fiona, who has been handed over to The Chairman. Fiona's sister gives Dembe the name Felicia Dawson, Abazi's other woman. Caught by Felicia's daughter Lily planting a bug, Aram co-opys her into keeping quiet. Cooper tells Red he'll get a court order to exhume Liz. Raymond finds Agnes' missing stuffed bunny in his car. Felicia is setting up the Gaming Enforcement agents for a hit. Dembe shoots the hitman to stop it. Felicia calls Abazi, demanding that she bring Lily and pick her up. The M.E. finds the tracker. Ressler reacts badly to Harold's decision. Abazi is more scared of The Chairman than the FBI. Red suggests Harold say that Abazi talked about the night market. The Chairman knows Cooper's bluffing. Harold's blackmailer wants him to get Andrew Kennison a new identity. Reddington's stock is rising on the night market as others fall. Red attends The Chairman's meeting with his leading shareholders. Red offers to put millions into the market if The Chairman gives up the name of the lead investor in Raymond's company. But he refuses and Reddington leaves. Then Red has the FBI crash the meeting. Harold meets with Kennison. Someone has gathered controlling interest in Raymond's company. Harold vaguely tells Red about his blackmailer. Park finds a still-sober Ressler at Liz's gravesite. She and the team vow to support him.  

The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 9 Episode 12 Quotes

You're wrong about Elizabeth. She's not resting nor in peace. She's dead. She can't be disturbed because she doesn't exist. We exist. We hurt. We're in pain. And we need answers.

Red [to Harold]

If you're going to cheat, cheat the stock market, not the night market.