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Part 1: Erica and Felicia enter Ridge's office where they remind Ridge and Ashley (Eileen Davidson) that Stephanie is appearing on the Rich Ginger Show. Brooke shows Jackie and Clarke her first batch of designs and he flips on the TV to watch Rich Ginger welcome Phoebe and Stephanie to his talk show. Phoebe hands Rich a bottle of her perfume and the host asks about her singing career. She mentions the online charity duet with her and Constantine scheduled for August 24.

Part 2: Ridge is outraged that she intends to sing with Rick and tells Ashley and the others that he won't allow it. Rich asks about the two Forrester companies so Stephanie jumps in to badmouth Brooke, just as Thorne and Donna tune in. Thorne offers to take her to the bedroom to calm Donna down but she claims she's too upset by her harsh words. Stephanie claims that Brooke is having emotional problems. She finishes the interview making fun of the idea that Brooke and Donna can create anything that isn't "wacky and zany." When Donna complains, Thorne offers to go tell his mother to back off and she smiles as Thorne runs out to confront Stephanie.

Part 3: Donna then rushes to her crying sister and promises that Stephanie will pay. As Ridge tells Phoebe (MacKenzie Mauzy) they have to talk about her singing with Rick, he and Eric also blast Stephanie for mentioning the children. As she ignores their complaints, Thorne screams at her to stop her vendetta against the Logans. Stephanie insists she didn't lie and, after she walks out, an upset Thorne calls Donna and suggests they get away for a few days. She offers to make the plans and goes online to look at Las Vegas wedding chapels.

The Bold and the Beautiful
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