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The Bold and the Beautiful
Episode Guide 4/10/08

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful, Storm complains that Ridge has ordered him to stay away from his kids, but Brooke offers to convince Ridge to change his mind. She then asks for his legal help to protect Jack from Taylor. He urges her not to go to court and suggests she talk with Nick.

He warns that this fight can only be about her love for Jack and can't have anything to do with her past battles with Taylor. Storm suggests she talk with Nick and come up with a plan that allows all three to raise Jack. A crying Taylor tells Rick about his mother's threat.

Hearing she wants custody of the baby, Rick decides this is his fault but Taylor won't allow Brooke to end their friendship. As Katie listens from outside the door, Bridget complains that "she" has done it again. Nick and Katie are relieved when Bridget puts the blame on Brooke.

Nick insists that he's not involved with Brooke but adds that he doesn't know if he can give her what she wants. Pointing out their sex has been great, Bridget asks him to give their relationship a chance. Later, Bridget approaches her sister and asks Katie what she should do about Nick.

Katie urges her to trust that Nick is being honest with her but when she hesitates, Bridget asks if she knows there's another woman in Nick's life. Katie assures her that Nick is not interested in Brooke anymore.

Wracked with guilt, Katie runs to Nick and tells him that she must be honest with Bridget and tell her that they kissed. As they discuss this, Bridget arrives and secretly listens as Katie rants about "getting involved." She interrupts and asks what's going on.

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