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The Bold and the Beautiful
Episode Recap, 4.15.08

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful ...

Brooke is curious when she stops by Nick's place and finds Katie with him, not Bridget.

As Katie runs to get a crying Jack, Brooke asks if Bridget spent the night there. Admitting he doesn't know where Bridget is, Nick tells Brooke that they are dating with no commitments.

Brooke reminds Nick how much her daughter loves him. After holding the baby, Brooke asks Nick to make sure Taylor can never take Jack. Nick reminds her the judge did not rule Taylor is an unfit mother. Brooke claims she needs to spend more time with her son but Nick asks where the "meat head" is concerned.

He also tells her that because she signed away her parental rights, she has no say in what goes on between him and Taylor. Grabbing Nick, Brooke cries that she needs time with her son. Taylor's relieved when Rick arrives.

He shows her a legal document he had an attorney draw up regarding custody of Jack.

The two take the paper over to Nick and confirm that they want him to sign the note that will request the judge to give back custody of Jack to Taylor.

Rick pleads with Nick to do the right thing and end the pain that Taylor's been suffering by being without her son. Ashley tells Ridge about the end of her dinner date with Storm and how much trouble she had trying to get rid of him. She adds that he's already left three voicemails for her this morning.

Ridge asks her not to tell anyone he told her Storm shot Stephanie because he promised Brooke. Ashley agrees and smiles when Ridge admits he still has a "soft spot" for her.

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