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The Bold and the Beautiful
Episode Guide, 4.21.08

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful ...

Brooke arrives in court and tells Nick and Katie that she is there to protect her son.

Katie guesses she's there for her own sake and Nick is astounded when Brooke confirms she doesn't want Taylor to have anything to do with Jack, for the time being.

Taylor arrives with Rick by her side and is disgusted to find Brooke there.

She orders her to leave but Brooke refuses and Katie mumbles that she's there for herself.

The judge convenes the hearing and Jack explains that he has allowed Taylor to take care of their son many times and even overnight without any problems.

He announces that he thinks that Taylor and Jack both need to spend more time together and he has no problem allowing that to happen. Brooke stands and announces that she wants to be heard. Taylor can't stop her so Brooke tells the judge that Taylor is mentally unhinged, offering her relationship with Rick as proof.

Rick tries to set the judge straight about his feelings for Taylor and stuns Brooke by announcing that he and Taylor are engaged. Brooke starts crying and asks if they're sleeping together.

Taylor reminds the judge that she is the baby's mother.

Before the memorial service for "Tiny," Pam tells Eric that she hopes her dog's life has not been in vain. Pushing him to return to Stephanie, she goes on to tell him that he should see now that Donna is a murderer.

When Donna arrives with flowers, Stephanie, Thorne and Pam are outraged that she would show her face. Eric tries to defend her but Pam lays into Donna for killing her best friend.

After the others leave, Donna cries to Eric about how worried she is that Pam may try to kill her. He downplays her pranks but she insists she has reason to fear for her life. Later, Pam tells Donna she killed her "baby."

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