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The Bold and the Beautiful
Episode Recap, 4.22.08

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful ...

As Brooke makes rude remarks about Taylor and Rick's relationship, she guesses to Katie that the judge will never grant Taylor custody of Jack.

The judge returns and announces that he doesn't have a problem with Rick's relationship with Taylor.

Brooke pipes up that it shows Taylor is mentally disturbed but the judge disagrees. He adds that it will be good for Rick to be with Taylor and reinstates Taylor's parental rights, asking Nick to return Jack to Taylor today.

Alone with Taylor, Brooke asks her to let Rick go now that she's won. Taylor can't believe that she's asking her that but admits that she and Rick have not had sex yet.

As Rick secretly listens, Brooke asks Taylor to end the relationship before it's too late.

Rick orders his mother to stop. Storm imagines the passionate kiss he'll receive in thanks for the pearl earrings he has for Ashley. But when she arrives, Ashley's not pleased to see him in her lab.

He asks her not to allow Ridge to interfere in what he thinks can be a great relationship. Katie calls Storm to come to Nick to draw up visitation papers for the baby. When he arrives, Katie updates him on the judge's decision and then explains how upset Brooke is.

He badmouths Ridge and claims he's trying to ruin his relationship with Ashley. Upset that Ashley seems to be pulling away from him, Storm guesses that Ridge has told Ashley that he shot Stephanie.

As he speaks, Nick overhears the big secret from upstairs.

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