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The Bold and the Beautiful
Episode Guide, 4.8.08

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful, Brooke tells Ridge that Taylor is sick.

Admitting he's surprised by Taylor's recent actions, Ridge asks why she was at Nick's last night. Brooke asks him to get over his problem with Nick for the sake of the baby and insists her only concern is for the baby.

Ridge admits it sounds like she is right about Taylor and offers to do his best to keep separate his feelings about Nick. He then offers to accompany Brooke over to Taylor's to check on the baby.

At Taylor's Rick arrives and finds Taylor cradling Jack. He congratulates her on the great night she had and suggests to Nick on the phone that he let Taylor have more time with their son.

Phoebe interrupts and when Ridge and Brooke arrive, announces that Constantin has invited her to meet him on the latest leg of his tour in Australia. Rick assures Phoebe that he hopes she has a great time but adds that he can't go with her because of commitments here at home.

After Phoebe leaves, Brooke starts to blasts Taylor for having a relationship with Rick while her daughter does too but Taylor says she has no right to talk about this. Brooke won't let up and Ridge announces that this is no home in which to raise Jack.

Brooke decides to take Jack to Nick but Rick won't let her.

Taylor then announces that Rick is the kind of man she could fall in love with. She then confirms that she loves him and when Rick confesses he loves her, Brooke calls this "sick" and vows to stop them both.

Katie barges into Nick's place and suggests that he end things with Bridget because he doesn't care for her the way Bridget cares for him. After some talk, Nick urges her to act on her impulses.

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