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The Bold and the Beautiful
Episode Recap
August 18, 2008

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful ...

Marcus complains to Steffy that Owen is back in town. When Pam interrupts, the two pretend not to get along. Later, he warns Brooke about Owen coming back to "get his hooks" into his mother.

Brooke is startled by his concern but Marcus explains that he's beginning to suspect that Owen's presence in town is not so innocent, especially when considering how much money he's been offered and turned down.

Marcus wonders about Eric's condition and if Owen might have had something to do with it. Brooke downplays his concern but he remembers that Owen gave Eric a gift of a bottle of gin at the pool party and wonders if Eric was poisoned.

Meanwhile, Donna tells Owen that she owes him for helping her keep Eric alive. He responds by making her a special dinner.

He gets her talking about how her relationship with Eric began and encourages her to have faith that Eric will come back to her.

Taylor asks Steffy who the new guy is in her life and guesses it's Marcus. Steffy goes on and on about how great he is.

They're interrupted by a towel-clad Rick, warbling like Tarzan as he emerges from the bathroom. Seeing Steffy, he mentions her name and then walks back into the bathroom, red-faced.

After Steffy leaves, Rick apologizes as Taylor tries to keep from laughing. But when he tumbles onto the bed with her, they start kissing.

Worried about bears up at Cross Creek, caretaker Earl asks Pam to warn the new Mrs. Forrester about keeping all the food locked up at Big Bear, especially all the little bear shaped bottles of honey she ordered.

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