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The Bold and the Beautiful
Episode Recap
August 22, 2008

As The Bold and the Beautiful gets underway
, after getting assurances from her doctor that her appointment is private, Katie escorts a disguised Nick into the examination room so he can be present.

The doctor assures both of them that her unborn baby's heartbeat is strong. However, Dr. Caspary warns that if she decides to carry the baby to term, she'll be putting her own life in danger.

Katie and Nick discuss terminating the pregnancy because of the danger. After Donna calls Stephen to report that Owen confessed to causing Eric's heart attack, Stephanie blames Donna for what happened.

Donna points out that Owen confessed but Stephanie asks if he is her lover. Donna insists Eric is the only man for her. Marcus defends his mother but the Forrester family continues to blame Donna.

Stephen and Beth arrive and jump to Donna's defense.

Bridget advises everyone that the doctors can now determine how best to treat Eric. After he updates her on what happened, Steffy privately wonders to Marcus why Owen would do that.

Lieutenant Baker and his son question Owen about his odd confession and eventually walk out after they refuse to believe his explanations.

Donna convinces the police to give her a moment alone with Owen. Owen denies to Donna that he had anything to do with Eric's heart attack and claims that he confessed to keep her from being arrested.

He then admits how concerned he is about her because the person who did poison Eric is still out there.

What happens next? Find out next week on The Bold and the Beautiful ...

The Bold and the Beautiful
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